Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dare to Diet: Calorie Chaos!

I am primarily a video game developer; it's what I do, it's what I've wanted to do since high school, and it's my hope that I'll be able to continue to do it for many years to come; but every so often it's nice to try something new, maybe create something that's fundamentally rooted in what my skill is, but also new and interesting in its own way. Other times, I might end up creating something I thought I never would because I simply didn't have access to the tools to create what I'm used to creating for a variety of reasons. Dare to Diet: Calorie Chaos arose because of these factors.
Part of the original board prototype.
Part of the original board prototype.

I have gotten to a point in my life in which it almost pains me to not be designing video games; I don't necessarily need to be coding at a computer, but devoting time to brainstorming and the like is important and when I'm not doing those things I feel almost lost in my own mind. I'm not the only person who "suffers" from this and it is inevitable that, at several points in a person's life, he or she will be in a place where he or she won't be able to do the things his or her mind tries to force him or her to do. This happened when I visited my sister and her family for a week long vacation and found myself without the proper tools for game design; and even if I HAD the tools it would have been difficult, and a little rude, to just ignore all of the people who were really meant to be receiving my attention. Luckily for me, my oldest niece approached me asking me to design a board game with her and I complied; she had designed a board game for a school assignment and I had asked her several questions about so it so it was obvious I had an interest in the craft. I'm not entirely sure WHY she wanted me to help her design a board game; maybe she just wanted to make something for the rest of the family to enjoy. Suffice it to say, I took the task VERY seriously and after hours and hours of hard work, help from nearly everyone in my family, an several hours of testing; Dare to Diet: Calorie Chaos was born! The game seemed to be a success with everyone in the family and several of them even made comments implying the game could have potential and I took those comments to heart.

So, after even more hours of hard work and constant rule changing I present to you the commercial version of Dare to Diet: Calorie Chaos!  

You can purchase it here for $34.99!   

The box the commercial game comes in.
Commercial box.
DARE TO DIET: CALORIE CHAOS isn't your typical diet plan. Not in the slightest. Most diets require you to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise to keep yourself alive and burn Calories. DARE TO DIET might require you to act like an animal, show intense hatred for an inanimate object, participate in a rap battle, or act out a children's nursery rhyme without words to keep yourself in shape while your opponents try their hardest to give you your own gravitational field.

Game board made from interchangeable tiles.
Board made from interchangeable tiles.

In other's total CALORIE CHAOS.

DARE TO DIET: CALORIE CHAOS is an exercise and diet themed board game in which a player must have the least amount of Calories when any player reaches the end of the board in order to win. But, in DARE TO DIET, "exercise" means "embarrassing yourself in wacky and ridiculous ways in front of your opponents in order to lose Calories and stay fit." While players are at the mercy of luck and the spaces on the board, most of the game involves the strategic use of cards to set up advantages and hinder other players. You can challenge players to short, silly contests such as thumb wrestling, give another player a chance to gain a few benefits if he or she is willing to act a bit strange or wacky, or improve your chances of winning by giving yourself immediate benefits or putting other players at a disadvantage. Using cards intelligently is the key to victory, but if your chance of winning is slim, sit back; smile; and revel in the joy of forcing other players to make fools of themselves.
Some game cards and the deck.
Some game cards and the deck.
6 game pieces
34 board tiles
60 cards
1 die
1 digital timer
1 double-sided rules document

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